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Which Solution Do You Need?

After much consultation with you and hearing your desire to boost your business, I’ve decided to launch the system that will help you to start from scratch, with no loans, no capital investments and no stress of owing anyone. This way you can get the coaching you need to start your business with no money and grow to any size you envision.

The  system will help you to:

Leverage innovative technology systems that literally costs $Billions of dollars for free.

Start a business with no money of your own, no loan and no venture capital investment.

Start and grow any low cost business ideas with high profits.

Stop wasting precious time, effort and money working the wrong business system that no longer works in this present economy.

Turn your gifts, talents and expertise into a profitable business asset that works for you.

Learn to detect which business ideas are growing, will succeed in this economy, will succeed in the long-term and which once won’t.

Attract strangers into visitors to your business, engage visitors into leads, convert leads into paying customers and delight customers into promoters of your business.

Innovatech System

You’ll get weekly support to create any or all of these eCommerce solutions when you join the Innovatech system:

Design for your digital magazines or newsletters tailored to your specific audience.

Online store through Facebook Shop that links to your personal or Amazon store, digital or physical products and services.

Simple, fully loaded, basic Website to showcase your products or services.

YouTube Live Stream to provide training on YouTube.

Product creation system to turn your ideas and expertise into over 5 streams of digital training products or services

Amazon Store to attract hungry customers to your physical products.

Kindle Self Publishing to attract your first 100+ readers to your physical or digital eBooks.

Facebook Live system to provide training on Facebook.

Weekly 1-on-1 Consultation live with me, to design your own system.

Social Media Marketing  to find and understand the demographics and psycho-graphics of your ideal customers.

Website Package Overview

A basic website, online store or eCommerce system to display your products or services. This includes:

  • A Registered Domain Name
  • 10 pages or less, including Landing Page, Sales Page, Order Page and Thank You Page
  • Social Media systems include:
    • Facebook page
    • Instagram Page
    • LinkedIn page
    • Blog setup
    • Forum setup
    • YouTube Channel Setup
  • 50 Domain Email Addresses (
  • Website Design and speed loading setup
  • Autoresponder Email System to interact with your customers.
  • Website system training to use the entire system.

The Profitable eCommerce Website includes:

  • Basic Website package.
  • Speed loading setup
  • Niche Market Research Technology
  • Product Innovation Technology 
  • Direct Response Marketing Technology
  • Graphics and Branding Design
  • Customer Fulfillment Technology
    • Conversion system,
    • Autoresponder Email System
    • Feedback and support system
  • Online Payment Technology to connect to your bank account
  • Business Analytics Technology
  • Training to use the entire systems, including but not limited to:
    • Niche Market Research Technology training to find the right niche.
    • Customer Fulfillment Technology training (Autoresponder Email, feedback forms, chat, etc) to interact with the Client’s customers.
    • Marketing Technology training to market the Clients products or services online.
    • Payment Technology training to receive and provide payments to clients around the world.
    • Business Analytics Technology training to monitor the performance of the eCommerce website.
    • Cloud Storage training to store, upload and download additional content.
    • Website Editing training to use the entire eCommerce Website system.

This Highly Profitable eCommerce Enterprise Website and Internet System includes:

  • All the feature in the Profitable eCommerce Website package.
  • Business Growth and Competitive Analytics Technology to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly ROI
  • Website traffic and conversion system to attract local and international customers.
  • Training for all staff to use the entire system
  • Digital and physical manuals for each area of your business operations.
  • 3 months of free support and editing services after completion date.